Improvement Proposal

Use of portable laptops at client sites

For Sam John, General Manager
By Ash, Coordinator
Dated: 04/07/2015
Kleen Kitchens Australia

Keeping in mind the recent delays and discrepancies in taking and processing orders, using manual entry system at client sites, the use of portable laptops has been suggested for field staff. The purpose of this report is to suggest a plan and provide guidelines to implement the use of portable laptops by staff visiting client sites.
  * To make process of taking orders more efficient and accurate.
  * To avoid mistakes and discrepancies associated with manual entry.
  * To increase client’s confidence in choosing the right product, hence increasing client satisfaction.

  * Time efficient
  * Increased accuracy
  * Saved data will help plan future improvements.
  * Facilitating clients to choose the right product by using interactive kitchen designs, instead of paper brochures.

Introducing the change
In order to implement the new system effectively, staff must be informed beforehand. A staff meeting is recommended, in which the staff members will be informed about the new system and encouraged to put forward their suggestions. Based on the outcomes of meeting, the management will proceed to order and purchase the laptops.
Staff training
To provide cost effective training to the staff, evaluation of computer skills of each field staff member has been recommended. After evaluation, members could be divided in to two groups; beginner and intermediate. Extensive training will be provided to beginners, while a moderate training will be arranged for intermediate group.

Help and support
  * Constant technical support is necessary in order to increase the confidence of field staff using the new system.
  *   For troubleshooting and continuous technical support, hiring a new technical support staff member is recommended.
  * Field staff will be provided with a short and...