Importance of Parental Support

I read two separate articles which summarize research studies involving children who have parental support and their academic success.  

The first one was a longitudinal study of children who had parents involved in their learning both academically, socially and religiously.   The study involved both the children and the parents. Basically the outcome of the study was that the children showed significantly higher achievement as well as better moral beliefs. It also addressed the attitude in which parents had while teaching their kids. My favorite statement from the article was “positive parenting style is considered the most effective style for supporting children’s academic achievement.”

My other resource was a meta-analysis study that drew from 77 studies, comprising over 300,000 students. The children studied were from different social economic groups. What I found most interesting is that regardless of their economic status the children with strong parental involvement had higher test scores and showed better academic achievement, even culturally diverse children who had parental involvement tested higher than children who were not culturally diverse but who also did not have parental support.
It is my belief that regardless of where you look or what culture you study, it is very clear that parental involvement is a key factor to the success of our children.   In addition,   I believe that that the success is not only in academic achievement, but in all areas of development, social, spiritual, physical, emotion and cognitive.