Importance of Managerial Behavior

Importance of Managerial Behavior
Tito Mejias
University of Phoenix
Lillian Rodriguez-Areizaga
September 26 2012

Importance of Managerial Behavior
    Managerial behavior may be the difference, the sole factor that dictates whether a company
succeeds or a company fails.   There are many workers who want to work but lack the know-
how or are confused regarding what the vision of the company is hoping to achieve.   If a
manager is able to guide the employees to where they better understand what is needed from
them, they will participate and give more quality time to the company.   A manager’s behavior
has an enormous effect on productivity.   According to Cascio (2005), “Productivity is the
measure of output of goods and services relative to the input of labor capital and equipment.”
("Chapter.1, Managing human resources").    
    Whether productivity reaches or exceeds expectations can be attributed to how a manager
treats his employees.   Grace   (n.d.), “ Because the behavioral management theory addresses
human interactions at work, it is commonly called the human relations movement. According to
behavioral theorists, the more understanding you have of human actions, such as conflict,
expectations and motivations, the more improved productivity becomes.” (Identification).   It is
important to appreciate and comprehend the needs of workers, not just at work, but al home
as well.   This understanding will assist a manager in knowing how to   help whatever needs he or
she   may have.   An employee who thinks that management is giving him his full support will
respond by working harder and becoming more loyal to the company.   It would not be just a
place of business where he rents his time for a paycheck, but instead it will be a place where he
feels   he has a second family to engage with.
    Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who wrote and detailed a theory that addressed man’s
needs in order of importance.   Maslow...