Implementing Leadership Action

I. Smith & Falmouth Overview
          Irene Seagraves, CEO of Smith & Falmouth (S&F) is looking to consolidate operations. In an effort to increase the companies online services she has hired Ms. Gwen Philips as the new Chief Operating Officer.   Smith & Falmouth, a tele-shopping and mail order network company is trying to increase their Online Sales Channel.   The appointment of the new COO should help to make S&F Online a profitable Strategic Business Unit. Ms. Philips has until the end of the year, nine months, to accomplish this goal. 

      II.    Current Culture
                While observing the group, Ms. Phillips has noticed that there is a set understanding how things have worked in the past.   While change is hard, the teams have been resistant to adapting to the vision that Ms. Phillips has for the company.   In order fot her reach her goals, she must identify the key employees in the company and get their buy in to her ideas.   S&F has been operating under the management of three team leader’s, Project Manager: James William Argyle, Logistics Manager: Brian Kervor and Marketing Manger: Adam Searle and their teams for some time.
                As she forms a task group, she can accomplish the target goal that was set by Irene, by learning how the organizational structures and cultures work and find ways in which to make the overall goal a reality.

      III.    S&F’s Organizational Culture
                Once the organizational chart is put into place, Ms. Phillips begins to meet with each department head and then small teams:   web developers and then logistics team.   Ms. Philips has decided to create an Organizational Culture Profile (OCP) in order to find out what the employees value versus what the organization values (Judge & Robbins). She has to find a way to integrate herself into the current structure.

      Key Players
      1.    James William Argyle: Project Manager
      His ability to build relationships has helped make long...