Impact of Technology
Amy Morrison
Ashford University
BUS 375 Employee Training
Instructor: Eboni Lamar
August 15, 2011
    If there is one thing that can and will make a huge impact on an organization, it is the prologue of new technology. Introducing technology can amplify good organization and make their job easier to do as well as sometimes more pleasurable. In this paper different characteristics of technology introduction into an organization will be observed as well as the necessary steps that are taken to ensure an impact that will be effective, as well as support if there are technical problems.
    The growth and development of communications has changed the way individuals interact. This interaction has also joined many where communication was once thought impossible or too time-consuming. Communication has become global. Through the use of email, text messages, and desktop messages it has become possible to perform tasks and manage without ever being face-to-face with another person (see Reinard, 2007)

    The world of technology is undoubtedly changing very fast and every day. It has become involves or even attaches to our everyday life. Most of the times, technology are useful; it allows us to do things faster, better, and differently from the way our parent did ten years ago. However, everything in life seemed to have a bad thing attached to it. Every day it becomes more obvious that people use technology as a short cut to their every task, especially in the world of communication. Such as Email, Instant Messages, and Cell phone texting are dangerously rising, which can cause a fatal impact on our rich and brilliant English language.

    Ten years ago most of us would have to pick up a pen and paper to write a letter to our friends who are in a far-away place. Sometimes it would take up days or weeks for a letter to arrives, and sometimes the letter would get lost along the way, especially for the international mailing