Impact of the Internet on Society

Essay on the Social Impact of the Internet

Internet Gambling

According to the Encarta online dictionary, gambling is a noun which means “betting money: the practice of playing games of chance or betting in the hope of winning money.” Online or internet gambling is this practise using the medium of the internet.
Gambling has been an important part of Australian life since European settlement in 1788. Early settlers played various card and dice games, this later being complimented by different types of games being introduced from other settlers from Europe and Asia. Horse racing was the first form of organised gambling in Australia. By the late 19th century it had become so popular that there were race tracks in every major town with race meeting being held every week. Poker machines were introduced into registered clubs in NSW by the mid 1950’s, giving revenue to the clubs to help them improve their facilities for their members. Poker machines grew popular over the decades and by the 1980’s had replaced lotteries and betting as the most popular form of gambling. Today poker machines fill just about every pub and club in NSW, and are to blame for the financial ruin of many, many people. You just have to walk into your local pub to see the effect of gambling on the people in Australia – a dedicated area for people to bet on horses, greyhounds, football etc, compliments the bright lights and the repetitive music of the “pokie room”.

Like the vast majority of countries in the world, the United States was not immune to the gambling epidemic. With the evolution of the technology industry and the internet growing in popularity, it was only a matter of time before gambling moved to the World Wide Web. The true extent of the popularity of online gambling is best summed up below:
“The first online casino began operation in 1995 with an offering of eighteen online games, and since then the industry has boomed at such a rate that an estimated 30 million gamblers...