Impact of Health Determinants

Having good health is said to be a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social-well being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity, these are the four components of health. A persons level of health is the result of an interaction between these different components and a balance between all four of them. Health is also dynamic in nature, this refers to the constant fluctuations that occur in our level of health, a person’s state of health is constantly changing form day to day due to many different things that may occur.

Different people have different perceptions about what is meant by good health, Our views regarding what constitutes good health and who possesses it are largely influenced by the social, economic and cultural conditions of our families and the society in which we live in. This is referred to as our social construct.

Health determinants are the individual, socioeconomic, sociocultural and environmental factors that can have either a positive or negative influence on our health. These can be modifiable determinants, meaning they can be changed or controlled, or wither non - modifiable, meaning they can not be changed or altered.

In the case study, many of these modifiable and non modifiable determinants have impacted on Nathan’s ability to control his health.

The non modifiable health determinants which have impacted Nathan’s health are Genetics and environmental factors. Nathan’s single mother suffered from poor mental health, and he was often at home caring for her, also nathan didn't know his father at all, which is said to be a good thing. Because his mother suffers poor mental health, it increases Nathan’s susceptibility to also suffer poor mental health. Also with Nathan being told that it was better off not knowing his father, who knows what he was like, Nathan may inherit characteristics from his Father that could affect his health. for example, maybe drug use and binge drinking. The environmental factor...