Immunity Versus Sovereignty



The revered American “diplomat” Raymond Allen Davis (deceptively his “diplomatic” name) gunned down two Pakistani “spies” Faizan Haider and Muhammad Faheem in Lahore on 27 January 2011. The “diplomat” was carrying a Safe Action Glock Pistol while “patrolling” in the area of his “diplomatic functions.” Unfortunately, Davis was deputed to perform his “diplomatic” duties in the “most dangerous place in the world” i.e. Pakistan. Nearly 10 years ago, by the way, this place had been a Sovereign State as per definition provided by the Political Science. During the Pakistan First regime, the out-dated definition of sovereignty provided by the “colonial” Britannica Encyclopaedia was updated (Americanised) through “enlightened moderation” according to the Bush senior’s New World Order.

Another “suspect” Ibad-ur-Rehman, who was self-importantly hindering the passageway of one other immune Prado driven by the American consulate staff, was run over while he was riding the similar two-wheeled “terrorist” motorbike. The “immune” consulate staffs were also on a “diplomatic” tour when they were informed by “Sir” Raymond Allen Davis that two “spies” belonging to the state of Pakistan on a motorbike passed near his “immune” vehicle for “spying” about his “stately activities” thus were “punished” to death for such subversive and anti-state (i.e. anti-United-States) activities. The consulate vehicle, thus, rushed to the spot where some “radical elements” including some “black sheep” and “rebels” among the Punjab Police and Traffic Wardens had trapped Sir Raymond Davis. The “ignorant” radical elements did not know that the word State refers to a province in United States without so-called sovereignty. Nevertheless, the “unruly” police and the “pro-Taliban” Punjab government (as categorised by Sir Pakistan First few months back) have lodged the “diplomat” in High Security Barracks of Central Jail Lahore. Before I forget,...