• NAME: Harry Tuwo, 46 years old. Have a wife and 2 daughters.
• At the age of 33 moved to America.
• Back then his visa Status was a (B1, B2) *tourist visa
• Now he is pursuing citizenship in the US.
• 13 years in America, from Indonesia
• Family Background (MIDDLE CLASS): Moved because their country was wracked with internal turmoil as the Suharto regime teetered and collapsed. Christians, particularly those of Chinese descent, were targeted by the Muslim majority. Churches and businesses were burned and looted, and jobs were scarce.
• How to migrate: He migrated with family, on a long tour VISA and following the instability back at home, extended the tour on purpose. It was not easy settling and avoiding deportation, and he is currently applying for permanent citizenship.
• Financially, his family is not better in America, since had a good financial asset foundation in Indonesia, but has laid a starting and has a job. He finds it easier to stick with the beginning in America than go back to Indonesia, to an unknown fate.
• Education background: a college graduate. States that there have been problems with acceptance of his certification to work as a professional in America Because of his employment Tuwo, also features in diverse groups since he comfortable in English and French. Moreover, his skills and understanding of Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese language also made at some point made him a part time participant in the American community of Vietnam.
• Current Occupation: a chef in a Japanese restaurant.
• Has never visited Indonesia since landed on America soil, not even for a holiday.
• He will retire in the US because his family is all living in the US, even though they’re still holding their Indonesian Passport.
• Race: Indonesian (Asian).
• He does not want to compare America and Indonesia, stating that Indonesia is his motherland and America is...