Immigration Journet=Y

My great-grandfather, Pierre Ryanne, served in the military during World War II, bravely escaped the Nazis, fled to the United States of America, and continued to support his family and family business all in order to lead a better and safer life in America. In addition to greater security, another result of Pierre's immigration to the United States was the worldwide success of his family’s business   As a businessman living in a time of war, violence, and fear, my great-grandfather immigrated to the United States to expand his father’s business internationally and to escape the violence of World War II in Europe.
Pierre came to America in order to gain freedom and safety for his family and himself.   He was serving as an officer in the French military when Germany invaded France during World War II. After leading his men out of occupied territory to safety, he was discharged . He then took his wife and young daughter out of France, through North Africa, and eventually to the United States where they settled in Houston around the early 1940’s. They decided to settle in Houston because that is where the newly established U.S. headquarters were for his family’s business.   Coming from a country of war and fear, my great-grandfather and his family adjusted slowly to their new American lifestyle. Pierre and his family were used to being careful around Nazi soldiers and always being aware of their surroundings, but after moving to Houston, they became more independent and happier. Many Americans were still worrying about the war abroad and how it would affect them; however, my great-grandfather felt much safer in Houston and was much happier to know that his business would succeed in a new part of the world .