Immigration and Population of Canada

Immigration is very beneficial to Canada. Immigration is beneficial to Canada because it helps sustain the economy and brings more stability to Canada. Canada's liberal immigration system serves the demographic, economic and social interests of the country and is the foundation of Canada's identity, strength and global competitiveness. However, Canada should keep its open-door policy for immigrants, sponsored family members and refugees at the target level of 250,000 newcomers each year.
There is a story on a man named Fawad. He was a refugee Afghanistan and they were forced to flee because of all the danger. Fawad and his family escaped to Pakistan and lived there as a refugee for ten years. After that Fawad’s dad said that they needed to get an education so that they can succeed and get to a better country for a better life. Fawad’s learned English, and that enabled him to enter a Canadian university program. Fawad said“ since Canada accepted me, it is time to give back.” And today Fawad is a policy analyst. This shows that even a refugee can contribute to the Canadian economy if we give them the opportunity to shine.
They include the promotion of Canada's demographic, economic, social and cultural goals; family reunion; nondiscrimination; the fulfillment of Canada's international obligations in relation to REFUGEES; and co-operation among all levels of government, as well as with the voluntary sector, in promoting the adaptation of newcomers to Canadian society. – (Canadian Encyclopedia)
Immigration is good for the demographic, economic, and for the social interests of Canada.
Canada’s demographic stability has been primary goals and successes of Canada’s immigration policy.
Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier launched the first intense immigrant recruitment policy in 1896 lead to a large-scale emigration of Canadians to the United States. This replacement stratagem was hugely successful between; 1896 to 1913, Canada’s population grew at a rate unparalleled by...