Debate Ballot

For This debate I choose the government team. The government had more arguments on debating   home education is more beneficial to a child than public education. The prime minster to the government had good arguments his logos was pretty well done   kept eye good eye contact to the audience   and good conclusion.   As for using Pathos he wasn’t really   on point,   didn’t seem so convincing about some of his arguments. The member of the government   i think he was prepared beside having good new contention he used logos , pathos and   ethos well. He argument were well and believable and great speech.   He had great support and examples that great use of logos. He had good connection with audience, also the he came with new contention about setting your own schedule and stressing being was good way of pathos. As the opposing team debating that public school is more beneficial to a child. The leader of the Opposition didn’t really have any support   butt she did have eye contact with audience .   Some of her arguments weren’t well said so it didn’t persuade me to her side.   Pathos wasn’t really use In this team ,   they didn’t seem so positive about their arguments. Beside that they didn’t have rebuttals for the new contention the member of the   government had.   The member of the opposition   did indeed have good eye contact   and some good few support   so logos was ok in her speech.   So for this debate I most definitely choose the   government team.