Imigration Laws

My political issues that is bothering me today is illegal immigration

Illegal immigration describes the population across national borders without complying with the legal requirements it takes to live here in the United States.

Many people are crossing the United States borders illegally to find better jobs escape bad political overviews and to help out families back home.

Some Americans are truly against this movement of immigrants.

One main problem is because of the damaging effects to the United States environment.  

Illegal immigration damages the environment when the illegal immigrants build fires, litter, pollute our natural water sources, also illegal immigration damages the environment when the immigrants set up camp and build fires.

The illegal immigrants are also damaging the environment by leaving litter at their campsites as they travel on their journey to find a better place to live.

They cross the border and get low-paying jobs usually 2 dollars an hour or more despite the location and that's still better then what they would receive in their homeland.

Some Americans say that Immigrants are taking away jobs what American would be willing to work for 2 dollars an hour as a janitor or maid not many.

Immigrants are not taking away jobs from Americans.

Desperate to find better job opportunities immigrants are continually losing their lives by crossing the Mexico border.

Some immigrants never make it back and some do some pay smugglers paying them hundreds of dollars just to get them across the border and there's no guarantee that they will actually make it across.

Immigrants that make it across the border usually end up in a jammed pack house full of immigrants that are looking for jobs and don’t have anywhere to go.

As Americans we need to grant all people, no matter what situation they come from the right to a life of freedom.

In my opinion our lives are enhanced by the new jobs created by immigrants, the...