Imc Paper

IMC of McDonalds
Rachel Walker
Kaplan University

MT 359-01 Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies
Professor Kevin Cojanu
May 28, 2013

McDonalds is a well-known world-wide corporation. Richard (Dick) and Maurice (Mac) McDonald started a barbeque car hop in California in 1940. First starting out they offered a menu that consisted of twenty-nine different items that were served by car hops. By 1947, their business started to slow way down and they had discovered that hamburgers were one of the largest sellers within food sales. That was when the transformation began. The grills, once cast iron, were upgraded to stainless steel and the research of candy machines resulted in the finding of the ideal hamburger shaper.
Dick and Mac made a comeback in December of 1948 with a completely different approach and opened as a hamburger venue advertising the famous 15 cent hamburger. When the menu first started out they served 9 different items and French fries was not one of them. It wasn’t until 1949 that the French fries came to the menu to replace regular potato chips and they also introduced a triple thick milkshake.   In 1955, Ray Kroc opened a restaurant in Illinois. This was when the famous golden arches were designed by an architect by the name of Stanley Meston. Little did they know that those golden arches would soon become their well-known trademark.
The very first advertisement done for this restaurant was the amount of hamburgers sold with the first sign reading 100 million by 1958. Throughout the years that number has changed to billions and billions. In 1961, a restaurant in Illinois advertised Hamburger University that was run out of the basement of an Illinois restaurant. Those who graduated from the University received a Hamburgerology degree. Within that same year, the started their new logo of a slashed M and the McDonald brother were bought out by Ray Kroc. The first restaurant with indoor seating was introduced in 1962 in Denver,...