Imaginative Lands

am here to write this letter to you to say that I am finally surrendering. My imagination has overcome me. The attack on my only Medicine has been successful to you, because of this I am cultivated guilty. Now my parents will do all the work for you on my outer sphere, including inducing funds to these prisons. Now let's get to the point, your army overcame mine, so I will no longer be able to attack you. All my armies are disbanded, everything striped from me. To just inform you I have really wanted to give up for a long time. I almost made it to defeat you, looks like you have defeated me. I have really wanted you to defeat me because I don't want to deal with all these wars anymore, and all this imagination running wild. I don't mind if you take this because it is the reason I got into problems in the first place. What is the point of fighting if you are going to lose anyway. I hereby accept my defeat and sorry for all that I have done to disappoint you. You can now say that this great conflict is over but please can we make an agreement? I keep all the NEW equipment that I use, don't destroy anything, you can take the memories you have always wanted though. I know that know I will be confined to a prison, along with all my people. But please I ask to only take my memories away. I know that once I finish writing my letter I will be sent to a prison for I don't know how long. I   will no longer have allies. But at least I will have peace. Congratulations Sir, you won the war.