Rachel Yang February 28, 2008
Persuasive Essay Mrs. Moronta- Mastrandrea

      The imagination is a strange thing. Our dreams and imagination have the power to influence our reality. Most of us see a warped version of our world through our imaginations. We imagine things that don’t exist, and we see existing things differently. In “The Wish” by Roald Dahl, a boy uses his imagination to turn a walk across a carpet into a dangerous journey. Imagination can be found in both literature and everyday life. Our dreams and imagination shape our reality in many different ways.
In life, dreams and imagination can impact your reality in strange ways. For instance, if you see a shape in the dark and imagine that it is a monster, it is real to you, even if it doesn’t really exist. In the East, a metaphor about reality and imagination says that in the dark, you might see a snake, but when the light is turned on, the imaginary snake disappears, and it turns out to be an ordinary rope. Additionally, almost everyone remembers having imaginary friends, believing in imaginary fairies, and being afraid of imaginary monsters as a child. (Come on! Almost everyone has put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy before!) Personally, I am afraid of all sorts of imaginary dangers: monsters in the dark, ghosts and phantoms that no one else seems to see. I sometimes act differently because of my dreams. Too often we let our fears and imagination get the best of us. You might call it being paranoid, but it is really our imagination at work. Our imaginations are running wild most of the time, and can make us imagine things that aren’t real.
      In the short story “The Wish” by Roald Dahl, a boy goes on a journey across a red, yellow, and black carpet. To make the game more interesting, he tells himself that the red parts are coals that will burn him to a crisp, the black parts are poisonous snakes, and the yellow parts are safe spots. In reality, he is walking...