Ilm Managing a Team

ILM Assignment   - October 2005.


I am employed as a Support Services Co-ordinator at Young Person’s Direct Access (YPDA) a 14-bed hostel run by Coventry Cyrenians, a charitable organisation committed to end homelessness.   The project opened in April 2005 and I started work at the end of June 2005.   YPDA is a direct access hostel and as such is open 24 hours per day, operating on a minimum of two staff.   The workforce comprises of six project workers, a project co-ordinator and team manager.   When I joined the team there was a project worker vacancy, relief (agency) staff were being employed to fill this vacancy and also to cover annual and sick leave.

Task One - The problem

The staff rota was devised, in consultation with project workers during the induction period, before YPDA was operational.   Contracted to a forty-hour week, project workers work, early, late and waking night shifts.

The rota was recorded in a dairy that was also used to book interview appointments for potential clients, internal review appointments, visits and external appointments that residents needed to attend.   Annual leave and sickness absence was also recorded in the diary.

Thus, the diary was the main source of information that I could use when calculating the hours worked by staff and the shifts that required covering.   Any shift that needed cover had ‘relief’ next to it and project workers simply nominated themselves for overtime by crossing out ‘relief’ and adding their own name.

Employing agency staff to cover a shift was obviously more costly to the company, but there were also problems with allowing project workers to choose their own over time hours.   I discovered that some workers were working both a late and waking night shift, going home at 8am only to return again at 2.30pm to do the same shift pattern.

Whilst allowing project workers to cover through overtime may have offered a short term solution, the long term result would...