Ilm Level 2

ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills
Assignment 3: Planning and Monitoring Work

Understand how to work within organisational guidelines to achieve team goals.

  1. Identify an organisational policy that can have an effect on the planning and allocation of work.

There are a number of company policies that have an effect on how a team leader plans and allocated the work to his staff. The one of them is the Attendance at work (AAW) policy. While most people will automatically think this is about sickness absence, which is a part of the AAW, it also deals with the annual leave of staff. Annual leave has controlled as we have a business to run and cannot operate below a certain level of staff on annual leave. The allocation of leave affects our planning and allocation of work on a day to day basis. So knowing in advance, the teams staffing level, a team leader can plan ahead.
At engineering depot there is a staff roster which is updated on a daily basis and is used by the planning department to allocate the workload for that shift, it is very important to keep it updated.

  2. Give an example of a target or objective that the team is working to achieve.

At engineering depot, routine maintenance on a fleet on trains is carried out. Each unit is schedule for a maintenance task depending on mileage, how many miles the unit has travelled and usually over a month’s worth of miles. The routine maintenance is in the form of exams. There are many different types of exams & routine maintenance.

The team leader has numerous units being worked on at any one time. The overall objective is to complete the allocated exams for that shift and provide trains fit for service at the end of the shift.

Taking an “A exam” as an example. The SMART objectives were applied to what was needed to be achieved on this exam, a number of tasks within this exam were looked at, theses included skill levels, abilities, etc., and have been concluded that it...