Ilm 5-M5.13: Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Sarah Turpin – I.L.M Level 5 M5.13: Managing for efficiency and effectives.

Section 1
I am a Senior Support Worker and manage 2 individual services; I am responsible for ensuring quality person centred support is delivered to each tenant, according to the standards set by the Care Quality Commission. I am also responsible for ensuring the service stays within its allocated budget and doesn’t go over its allotted establishment/contract hours. I must ensure the staff within each service are appropriately trained according to tenants needs and are kept up to date with all relevant organisational, tenant and national information. We currently use Brandon Trust’s Annual Audit (Essential Standards of Quality & Safety) as a measure of effectiveness (doing the right things right) and BT33 Weekly Return as a measure of efficiency (doing things right)
The external measure I have chosen is from The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary – National Intelligence Model and is a measure of effectiveness. It takes an intelligence led, problem solving approach to crime and disorder. It promotes partnership working and uses the management of information and intelligence to operate at 3 levels of policing. It became policy of the Association of Chief Police Officers in 200 and under the Police Reform Act (2002) it provides a statutory basis for the introduction of minimum standards and basic principles.

Section 2
Brandon Trust’s Annual Audit (Essential Standards of Quality & Safety) is self audit that each service manager must carry out, against the 16 Outcomes derived from The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety – produced by The Care Quality Commission to ensure we comply with the legislation set by The Health and Social Care Act 2008, The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, Regulations of The Health and Social Care Act –October 2010 and the various Employment Laws that relate to discrimination data protection etc. It is designed to provide evidence that we are meeting the...