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Iowa Western Community College

In the United States there are hundreds of community colleges to choose from; however, Iowa Western Community College is far above the rest. Iowa Western brings students from all over the world to study for all kinds of different career paths, and most importantly gives their students an open mind on a bright future. This college is one of the top rated community colleges in the United States and encourages its students to have a successful future in whatever path they decide to take. The income of a college graduate is much higher than a person who only has a high school degree. Iowa Western has many degrees to choose from for all kinds of different careers. In addition IWCC has financial aid options like grants and student loans, it also encourages its students to apply for any scholarships they may receive. Along with education IWCC has many different clubs and teams to be a part of. The school also has different housing and meal plan options for everyone. All of this along with staff work together to support the students in earning their degrees.

Iowa Western Community College is a two year college located in Council Bluffs Iowa, and is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the region. Iowa Western has the latest in facilities and technology to create a great learning experience for its students. Some of these facilities include a cafeteria where everyone can eat, a cyber-library for students to get work

done if they don’t have their own computers, free tutoring, and many hands-on classes to get the best learning experience, with amazing teachers that really care about their students future and education.

Iowa Western offers certificate diplomas and Associate Degree programs. The courses are reasonably priced and undoubtedly less than tuition at a four year school even for those that come from out of state or country. IWCC also helps its students when trying to transfer credits and pre-requisite classes over...