Illegal Immigration

In the quest to live the great American dream, millions of people from all across the globe immigrate to the United States every year. Illegal migrants are people who trespass the international borders and enter the US to earn a better livelihood and in search of greener pastures.

Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration
Why would people leave their country and illegally enter another country thereby risking their lives? Well, though this is a good question, it does not demand some great comprehension ability to understand that people leave their countries mostly due to economic reasons and unemployment. Illegal migration, in strictest sense, is millions of people, entering and working in another country without the permission of the state/country authorities. Entering the country legally but violating the terms and conditions of the visas and passports and staying there for more than the legally allowed time frame, also accounts to illegal immigration. There are different schools of thought when it comes to debate on this topic.

Illegal Immigration: Pros
According to some people, groups and scholars, following are the pros of illegal immigration.
•The economy is balanced as the demand for the low wage laborers is always fulfilled.
•The life conditions of poor immigrants improves thus, providing them the freedom to life and liberty.
•Various spheres of market open up for customers of diverse income ranges.
•Illegal immigrants contribute to the tax system by paying sales taxes.
•Illegal immigrants who have real estate properties, pay real estate taxes.
•Agents and brokers generate commission from the real estate deals with the immigrants.
•Illegal immigrants also enjoy the banking services of the country and so they pay interests and dividends to the banks.
•Financial and auto insurance loans contribute to the national income.
Illegal Immigration: Cons
Here is what people opposed to illegal immigration say about various illegal immigration problems....