Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Is Not Deplorable
Many people flock to America in hopes of having a superior lifestyle. Families come here to promise their children stability and to give them a shot at prosperity. Native born Americans have ancestors who migrated to the States for this very reason. Presently, there are numerous immigrants who have made rigorous, life-threatening efforts to come across the US border for a chance to live a better life. Who are Americans as a multi-cultured population to send away their brothers and sisters who just want to work hard and make a little money? Amnesty for illegal immigrants currently living and/or working in the United States should be a federal law because it unifies families, supplies workers for unwanted jobs, gives these families an opportunity to escape poverty, and boosts American economy.
By recognizing illegal immigrants as citizens, more families will be held together without the jeopardy of losing one or more members. Babies born on American soil are automatically awarded US citizenship. According to a study done by the Pew Hispanic Center, the vast majority of unauthorized immigrants are young families that have children at high rates. This leads to families with a “mixed-status,” meaning that some members are American citizens while others may be unauthorized to be in this country (Aizenman). If amnesty for undocumented aliens was put into motion, then these families would not have to live in fear that they could lose each other. The government does not want to tolerate anyone without a mere piece of paper that authorizes that individual to live in America. Therefore, innocent families are heinously ripped apart by deportation. It is critical for the overall health of a child to grow up with his or her parents. A family cannot properly function without being together. With an amnesty law, legal daughters would not have to worry about having to say good bye to their undocumented fathers.
Those opposed to granting a...