Ile History Paper

Napoleonic Era vs. Today’s Modern Era of Military
Introduction and Thesis Statement
I believe the Napoleonic Era stands resolute in today’s modern military era.  
I will demonstrated that the Napoleonic Era is steadfast in today’s modern military.   Have you ever thought about what it would be like living in the 17th Century serving in Napoleon’s military?   If you could go back in time to the Napoleonic era, what would you expect to see and experience?   Would you anticipate any similarities to our modern era military verses the Napoleonic era warfare?  
I will defend this by demonstrating that we are operationally organized, how we develop our tactics and we have public support the military in much the same manner as in the Napoleonic era.
Military Organizational Structures
  A. How our current military structure is similar to Napoleon’s military organization.
Organizational structure above regimental units to include brigades, divisions and Corps structures.  
Battle Field Training exercises for specific military occupations such as field artillery, aviation and infantry field exercises that create the combined arms operational warfare.
Military tactics similar to Napoleon’s military?
  1. The shift from formations just lining up across from one another and shooting to combined arms battlefield operations warfare.  
How logistics played a role in supporting the military operations.   What benefits did the common citizen provide to help ensure the military was equipped?
Role of the People
  A. The public supported the paradigm shift from “King’s men” to a more open military where anyone can serve and rise to position of their skills and talents.
  1. Commissioning the commoner, not just nobles only to senior ranks.   A pheasant can be made field marshal, which is no different in today’s modern military where if you work hard, learn and bring your skills and talents you can rise to higher levels no matter your background.
Everyone citizen can now...