Igc 1 Mock Exam

NEBOSH International General Certificate
Assessment Practice 6 – IGC1
Answer both Section 1 and Section 2. Answer ALL questions.


You are advised to spend about half an hour on this section, which contains ONE question.

Question 1: With respect to undertaking general risk assessments on activities within a workplace:

        a) Outline the key stages of the risk assessment process, identifying the issues that would need to be considered at EACH stage.     (10)

        b) Explain the criteria which must be met for the assessment to be ‘suitable and sufficient’. (4)

        c) Outline the factors that the employer should take into account when selecting individuals to assist in carrying out the required risk assessment.   (6)


You are advised to spend about one and a half hours on this section, which contains TEN questions.

Question 2: Outline why it is important for an organisation to set health and safety targets.   (2)

        a) Identify health and safety targets that an organisation could set.         (6)

Question 3: Identify possible influences on an organisation’s health and safety management standards.   (8)

Question 4: Contractors are carrying out a major building project for an organisation.

        Outline how this organisation could reduce the risks to contractors before the start AND during the building project.   (8)

Question 5: An organisation has been found to have inadequate standards of workplace health and safety.

        Identify the costs that the organisation may incur as a result. (8)

Question 6: Give the meaning of the term ‘permit-to-work’.                     (2)

        a) Identify THREE types of work that may require a permit-to-work, AND give the reasons why in EACH case. (6)

Question 7: Explain how accident data can be used to improve health and safety performance within an organisation. (4)

        a) Explain TWO active (proactive) monitoring methods...