Ifferences on City Road

Inequalities and differences on City Road in Cardiff

Contemporary Britain over the last 50 years has come to welcome a wide and diverse community made up of nationalities, race and religions none more so as seen on City Road in Cardiff, this particular street which is featured in the DD102 learning companions, from which it is evident that there are noticeable differences and inequalities within the community.
A good example of the relationship between difference and inequality can be seen in the experience of somebody with a physical impairment (understanding social lives, page 25)
If you were to look beyond what is in plain sight you will see buildings, cars and many more material things that have a large influence on our lives. During the course of this essay there will be examples of how these material things favour the activities of some groups of people over others.
Difference can refer to the diversity between people as individuals, however social science tends to focus on the dissimilarities between collections of people, like those based on their ethnic background, race, whether they’re male or female, their age, social class, and sexual orientation. (Allen and Blakeley, page 25)

Differences are something that everybody has such as gender, class and ethnicity. It simply means that we are not all alike. Differences can create discrimination amongst individuals due to their social characteristics. Inequality however is the unequal opportunities and conditions dependant on social position within society.
We see many examples of differences on City Road. One of which is the array of shops which cater to a variety of people from different ethnicities. Sanna Silk, is a fabric shop which specialises in saris, and traditional Indian bridal jewellery, and is run by a multigenerational Indian family. Another shop is Xquisite Africa. Run by Janet Symmons, it sells an extensive array of goods imported from Africa Janet feels a sense of disconnect...