Identity Speech

Good morning Mrs. Nabben and everyone. We all have seen the movie “Australia” which is directed by Baz Luhrmann but can U see this film shows clearly that Identity builds up who we are and today I am going to express my opinions about Identity in the film “Australia” and compare this to my identity. Now I want to talk about three major aspects of Identity : culture, friends and family.

Firstly, I think culture is an important aspect of Identity. This movie seems to show deeply Aboriginal culture as we can hear Aboriginal music at the first scenes and during the film. In the movie, the Drover believes that telling stories and to have an own story is more important than anything. Once time he said in the movie :”Most people like to own things. You know, land, luggage, other people. Makes them feels secure. But all that can be taken away. And in the end, the only thing you really own is your own story”. This is custom of Aboriginal culture which he mostly influenced by the Aboriginal culture after he got married and lived with Aborigines for a long time. Unlike the Drover, I have my own culture and I always feel proud of it. We always celebrate anniversary of the death of family’s members every year. We have celebration for Lunar New Year. Vietnamese culture is an important part which creates my character. Wherever I go, I still feel proud of being a Vietnamese and speak Vietnamese.

Secondly, to me friendship is also an important part of Identity. Friends are who I can trust, confide and help each other. Luckily I have a lot of friends who treat me very well. They are always ready to help me whenever I need. Unlike me, the Drover doesn’t have many friends. Because he was married an Aboriginal woman so everybody treat him like a black. The only one he has is his brother – in – law and they are very close. This is shown in the scenes they go drove together in a long shot and the way the Drover argue to the bartender at the bar for his friend to stay in the front...