Identify Two Firms with Similar Problems but from Different Countries

A -The inportance of giving credit for work that is used that is not your own
B- What elements of writing need to be address to ensure academic honesty?
C -The importance of telling the reader where your information is from when you are paraphrasing some one else.

D-The support that a tutor editor or proofreader can bring to the process

Why ? first of al it is just common courtesy if you have used someone else"s work the least you can do is offer by acknowledging him /her in addition to courtesy giving credit will help you to avoidplagiarizing using someone"s else"s ideas words or other creations with out clearly acknowledging where they came from is plagiarism and it will help outher"s get the help they need.

B- To do all your own work tell   where you found your information dont cheat give his/her name

C- When you find information tell every one where you found   your information so they can find the same stuff put down the name where you found it and the date it was wrote and by who wrote it.

D- Tutors can help if you find what you need and get you stared proofreaders can make sure it is done right and editor can show you how you can print it up so it is done is easy all you have to do is think befor you do it and make sure thatyou get it right and turn it in on time so you get a good grade.