Identify Possible Issues That Teachers May Need to Address When Teaching Across the Sector

An Overview of the current lifelong learning secter

The Life Long Learning Sector (LLS) is a varied and complicated working environment which involves working within a variety of different sector ranging from:-
• Prisons educational sector.
• FE (further education).
• OSAT (on site assessment and training).
• Workbased learning (NVQ’S) National Vocational Qualifications.
• Secondary education (post 16 provision)Diploma
Each area has its own learning barriers for example the prison sector has manly lower order thinkers who have very basic key skills so development of recourses has to take this in to account, also the identification of learning boundaries which could impact on learning due to physical barriers in place i.e. the learner/environment.
The Fe sector can cater for varied levels of skills/knowledge so as a teacher within this sector all learning styles have to be taken in to account, also if learner has had bad experiences of learning in the past this can create learning barriers in themselves and can prevent a learner achieving their full potential. So a tutor has to find a way of braking down these barriers and bringing a learner out of their shell.
On Site Assessment Training (OSAT) is a method used by trade experienced individual who need to gain qualification while actually still being actively working in a day to day role. This method has to be regulated and a set criterion is involved in order to become qualified.
Work based learners are day release to college and collect workbased evidence which is verified by photographic evidence and witness testimonies; this has to be policed to prevent any miss use of the process, by means of the verification of work by an Internal Verifier (IV) and External Verifier (EV).
Finally the introduction of Diploma programs within secondary education to allow under achieving learner to opt out of traditional main stream education and choose a more vocational rout allowing learner to specialise in a chosen...