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ISQ Examination (Summer-2009)
Q.1 (A) Look at the following messages and notices. For questions 1-8, mark one letter A,B or C on your answer sheet. (08)

1. STORE CONTENTS IN A COOL PLACE OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT A) The contents should be kept at a constant temperature B) The contents are sensitive to heat and light C) The contents must be kept frozen 2. ORDER REFERENCE 122/HB WE REGRET TO ADVISE YOU THAT THE DISPATCH DATE FOR THE ABOVE WILL NOW BE LATER THAN YOU WERE ORIGNIALLY INFORMED, AND WE NOW ANTICIPATE DISPATCHING YOUR ORDER AT THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER What is the purpose of this letter? A) To apologize for being unable to supply the customer’s order in November B) To answer a customer’s complaint about the lateness of an order C) To notify the customer of a delay in sending an order 3. ESTABLISHED IN 1986, MARTIN AND CO. LET AND MANAGE FLATS AND HOUSES ON BEHALF OF LANDLORD CLIENTS Martin and Co. operate as A) Agents for those who own rented properties B) Sales representatives for those who want to buy properties to rent C) Consultants for those who want to set up in the property business 4. YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS PROMOTIONAL E-MAIL BECAUSE YOU HAVE AGREED TO RECEIVE VAL PRODUCTS MARKETING INFORMATION. TO REVERSE THIS, LOG ONTO YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT PAGE AT WWW.VAL.COM.

You should go to your account page at the website to A) Cancel and agreement to be sent publicity mail B) Find out more about the promotion

C) Give your opinion on their latest campaign 5. OUR FREE, NO-TIES PRICE COMPARISON SERVICE FINDS THE CHEAPEST PRICES FROM HUNDREDS OF RETAILERS FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF OFFICE PRODUCTS This in an advertisement for A) A supplier of low cost office products B) A consumer guide to costs for office products C) A directory of office products available from different outlets. 6. BHJ GROUP INDUSTRIES KEY PRIORITIES FOR THE YEAR AHEAD • DRIVE PROFIT RECOVERY IN THE MIDDLE EAST • MAKE...