Ib Math Ia

An Investigation on Age and Completion Time of a Cycling Race
It is a well known assumption of society today that as a person ages their aptitude for physical work also decreases.   My project will analyze what effect, if any, age has on the completion time of a cyclist. The times will be taken from the reported finish times of the male cyclists who competed in a Union Cycliste Internationale sanctioned race. The specific race is the Classic Loire Atlantique, raced in the 2010 season. The race participant’s times that I will use will be selected randomly from a single race. The data must be from a single race due to the length of the courses each being different. I will use thirty-three competitors chosen randomly. The age of the competitor is the independent variable, and the completion time of the race is the dependent variable. To appropriately display this data I will use a graph, with a line of linear regression and Pearson’s coefficient to determine if a correlation exists between these two variables. Then I will use a chi-squared test to determine if the two variables are dependent or not dependent. To complete this assignment I will be using Microsoft Excel as well as a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition).
Data Collection and Processing:
To begin this investigation, I first chose 33 competitors’ times randomly from the Classic Loire Atlantique race. These times were taken from the Union Cycliste Internationale web site. This was done by taking all the competitors’ names, times, and ages from the Union Cycliste Internationale web site and entering them into Microsoft Excel 2007. Then I used the command, in Excel, “=RAND()”, which gives every player a random number between zero and one. I then sorted the resulting numbers by greatest value to smallest value, and selected the thirty-three greatest numbers and their corresponding competitor with all of their information for use in the investigation. The next step to completing...