I/O Worlksheet

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the fundamental concepts of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. Using the textbook, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, answer the following questions. Your responses to each question will vary but overall should be 700- to 1,050-words in length.

1. Describe the evolution of the field of industrial/organizational psychology.
Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology came about during the beginning of the discipline of psychology, which happened in the late 1800’s. Industrial/Organizational psychology is known as a branch of psychology that applies to psychological theories and principals in organizations while focusing on increasing workplace productivity and related issues such as the well-being of the organizations employees. Experimental psychology is considered to play a major role in the development of I/O psychology, and provided the principles and techniques (Spector, 2012). Several psychologists, at that time, were applying psychological theories to business sectors using techniques such as psychological testing (Spector, 2012). In the United States, early I/O psychology focused on the issues concerning employee performance and organizational efficiency. But in the United Kingdom, the focus was directed to the health and fatigue of their employees (Spector, 2012).
Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916) and Walter Dill Scott (1869-1955) were recognized for the initial work of I/O psychology. Hugo and Scott were prominent instructors and experimental psychologists who had profound concerns for worker choices and psychological tests. Their work placed emphasis on the application of psychology to help solve organizational problems (Spector, 2012). Hugo and Scott were also credited for writing the first books related to I/O psychology. During WWI, both the United Stated and the United Kingdom implemented I/O psychology in response to military demands on both private and government...