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Physical Education Independent Study

Independent Study

Independent Study is a school-approved, student-centered, alternative method of learning that allows a student to earn regular education course credit while working on a standards based, curriculum-aligned, independent project.

  * A student will work independently according to the plan outlined below, but will remain under the supervision of a certified teacher.

  * Independent Study projects must equate in quality and quantity to regular education courses delivered by Connections Academy

  * Independent Study courses are graded courses using A-F grading scale


The teacher will evaluate each goal set by the student, and the student’s effort and participation during the course.   The teacher will assign a letter grade based on this information.

Roles and Responsibilities

Student:   The student is responsible for taking the initiative to complete this course, and will complete the assigned tasks in a timely manner in order to meet established goals.   The student must commit the same amount of time and effort to this course as he or she does with other courses.

Supervising Teacher:   The teacher will help the student establish the course goals and assignments, and will be available for questions and consultation throughout the project. The teacher will also ensure that the student is consistently working on the course, and is making progress towards the pre-established goals.   Finally, the teacher will evaluate the student’s final products, and will enter evaluations in the student’s grade book.

Parent/Learning Coach:   The Learning Coach will ensure that the student has the resources and materials needed to complete the course.   He or she will also ensure that the student is consistently applying the effort and attention that the course requires in order to complete the assignments and accomplish the goals.


The student will work on this course on a...