I Have to Tweet My Status

Freshman Composition I
Compare and Contrast Essay
I Have to Tweet My Status
It’s late at night and I have nothing to do, I’m deciding to sign in on Facebook. No, wait I should go on Twitter! But I want to see if any of my friends are online, so I’m going on Facebook. Then again, I could just tweet what I’m thinking and call it a night. If you can’t tell already, the social networking has taken over my life. But which one is better, Twitter or Facebook?
Social networking is a powerful force in today’s world. Not just for young tweens and teenagers, but also for adults as well. Facebook and Twitter are the top two social networking sites used around the world. Two very similar, but also very different sites, they have the same uses, but the terms are labeled differently. Ultimately they have the same goal to connect people around the world. Both sites are used to connect people without having to physically meet them. People can reconnect with old friends, or make new ones. Not only are these sites online, but if a person has a smart phone like an iPhone, it can be downloaded as an application for use. These sites are a simple click away to a great social life.
The similarities between the two sites are obvious. The tricky thing with these sites is the ability to do the same things and have the same use, but the functions are labeled differently. On Facebook users post a status, on Twitter users tweet. The terms “post” and “tweet” have the same uses. For example if a person want to type down what they are thinking like, “I love Freshman Composition I!” then a user would put it on Facebook. This procedure is called posting a status. If a person wants to display the same thought on Twitter, it is called tweeting. Both of the sites use an area to put a tweet or a post. On Facebook it is called a timeline, while on Twitter it is called a twitter log (TL.) If a person is a user of either of these sites, they have specific names. Facebook has friends, while Twitter has...