I Have a Dream

I have a dream
Tons of money fast cars and huge houses. I bet you know what I’m talking about just from that one sentence. Well if you don’t I’m talking about a dream or should I say a pipe dream. Everyone has one and you can’t say you don’t. I know for a fact that I do. For most people 99.9% of the time there dream will not come true. For George and Lennie that is the risk they are willing to make. Back in the day it was hard to make money. So people’s dreams were small. Just like George and Lennie’s dream. There dream was to own a house with some land and animals. But, they could mess that all up with buying stupid stuff.
Well enough about there dream because I have a big one to tell you. Now just sit back relax and let’s read.
The first thing I think about in my dream is having a fun job. I see most adults hating what they do. I never want to end up living my life like that. I want to find a job I wake up every morning smiling about. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do yet. One thing I know I would love is play in the NFL. Football is what I love to do. It’s the high point of my day after school. Yeah you can say that that’s a pipe dream. The other pipe dream I have is, owning my own TV show on MTV. But, that’s not going to work if I’m not sure what to have on the show. Ill just have to wait and find out. With one of those jobs would come tons of money fast cars and a huge house just like I said at the beginning of the, story. I want this stuff because I can not image being pore. I think that is the worst thing that could happen to someone that’s why it is not going to happen to me. I’m going to work hard and live my life.
Yeah I have a big idea of what I want. Some people say my dream is all wrong we should have world peace and good health. I think much different. You can tell by what I wrote to. If none of this works out for me at the end the, I hope for the best of my life. Go Missouri football!