I Don Know

A mango shaped space

Mia is thirteen years old, and has a secret. Everyone sees her to be an ordinary kid, especially in her family with her crazy sister involving her to wear a different hair color every week, her weird brother that keeps a chart which has a list of all the hamburgers he has ate, and also mango which is Mia’s cat… that she thinks does the same routine every day. Until one day others see that she’s not so typical when she gets in trouble at school that finally forces her to reveal her secret: synesthesia which means: words, and numbers have color for her. When she tells her parents they search for the help of doctors, which say, it is a rare condition that has several senses blend, giving sound and taste a color. This all takes place in her house, her school, and the grave.

As Mia is growing up, taking time learning her ability has troubles but also, she is getting use to the fact that it’s okay to express it. She then understands what she is losing every step she takes. Since her friends (one of them: is her best friend Jenna) and family can’t relate to her she has taken a big position in her life, and makes her think what she will lose, or gain if she goes any further.
My review: Why I like this book, is I have difficulty in academic parts involving math, and foreign language and also her personal life revolves troubles, disabilities and confusion, at basically the same age like me, and since I can relate a lot from this book I would recommend it to all ages: the role of maturity for the adults and troubles for us teens have. A mango shaped space is heart-warming, and friendly, with wit and humor by a great author: Wendy mass!