I Care

Importance of I Care

To have an ethical protocol for officers is very important. People need to be able to trust the police and have faith in them. The first and most important thing the community needs from officers is integrity. Without integrity in a police force, is anyone really safe?
Courage and respect for people hold great significance as well. Officers need to be bold and brave when situations arise. However, they also need to respect people. People often complain that they are mistreated by their police officers and that may not always be the case, but respect can go a long way. Some people may not even deserve your respect but on the flip side if you do show someone respect they might remain a “yes” person throughout a confrontation.
Accountability is another that officers have been working on. The most popular in the news is the Furguson case. An officer shot and killed an African American man named Michael Brown. Many people of Furguson say that they used too much force and unnecessarily killed Brown. Today, the officers of Furguson are still trying to take accountability, repair the damages, and mend the rifts between them and their community.
Excellence is what officers should thrive for. Always be the best you can and take care of your community with the utmost care. Excellence encompasses all of the I CARE values. For one should have excellent integrity, courage, respect and accountability. On the way to excellence one will also achieve perfection.
To conclude, ethics are a personal belief that someone lives by. If officers take to heart the I CARE values their community will then have full faith in them. As a law enforcer the officer’s responsibility is to be a trustworthy person that people can believe in. They must keep their private life...