I Am Me

Ma’am Charo: Our letter senders for the night are two siblings who are both disabled. Vievia is crippled lady and Vivian is deaf who experienced cruelty or maltreatment of the three siblings. And they don’t have any choice but to honor the siblings if not, they will be force to leave the house.
Clare         : Vieviaaaaaaaaaaaa! Will you please clean my hands and feet?   And have it nail polished.
Vievia             : Yes Ma’am Clare. Uhh, Ma’am can I have a break after this? May I go with other maids in the mall?
Clarizza         : Nooooo! You can’t go with the other maids. After you clean Clare’s hands and feet, clean mine too. And you Vivian clean Clarette’s hands and feet.
Vievia           : (Disappointed face) Uhh, yes Ma’am Clarizza. But may Vivian and I go after we finished the household chores? May you allow us?
Clarizza         :   Uhhm, the two of you may go but be back before 6:30pm. If I caught you late, you know what I will do to the both you. Just make sure the house is clean after you leave, clear?
Vievia       : Yes Ma’am. All your commands will be followed before we leave. Thank you.
Vivian           : (sign language) Yes Ma’am Clarizza. We will be here before 6:30pm. Thank you so much.
Clarette       : Can I go with Yaya Vivian and Vievia? Please? I promise I will behave.
Clare       : She may go with them. But Vivian and Vievia will take care of her. If something bad happens, the two of you will be punished more than you could imagine.
Ma’am Charo: After they finished all the household chores, they prepare all things they will bring. When they are about to go, Clarette is still asleep so what they did is they wake her up but Clarette is still asleep. So they make noise near her ears to wake her and it was effective because Clarette woke up.
Clarette     : Yaya!!! Why did you wake me up late? Didn’t I say I will go with you to the mall?
Vivian     : (sign language) Sorry Ma’am Clarette. We thought that while we are preparing,...