I Am Just a Moth

After such a long winter break, the first day of spring is finally here. It’s here but it’s the same routine every day. But I wonder, did I wake up too early?
I’m just a simple a girl. A simple girl in quiet place with little expectations. The same people every day.   But for the first time since i was born, i fell in love. And for the first time, i felt excitement. “How gorgeous” I thought to myself. His eyes were a clear blue, his lashes were long. He had silky long hair and skin that glowed in the sun. However, i did not meet him again.
“What are you doing here? Aren’t you going to eat?” a friend of mine asked worriedly
“I’m not hungry...”
“You should really eat something before it is morning. You haven’t eaten for days.”
“I’m really not hungry...”
I could not forget the beautiful silhouette of his beautiful figure in the morning light. I resisted the temptation to sleep. When morning came, i searched for him. I couldn’t shake the feeling that i might see him again. There was something in him that pulled me towards him. Maybe the beauty i never had.
I was right! He came back to the place i met him and now i am so very happy. I wish time would stop right now, but i could feel my breath becoming ragged and heavy. Even if spring doesn’t ever return...i think i will be happy. I’m able to meet him during my first and last spring.

“Master Sebastian, did you find the girl you met a few mornings ago?”
“I thought i could meet her if i returned to this place...but i could not find her.”
The light sound of a thud was heard nearby. The master’s servant hurried over to the direction of the sound.
“Master Sebastian, there is a woman who has collapsed over there!”
The master quickly turned his head to where his servant was. A beautiful lady was lying on the floor lifeless.
In the laboratory, a scientist happened to notice something interesting in the butterfly and moths glass cage.
“Hmm?” the female uttered as she was observing the...