I Am Important to My Own Success

I Am an Important Part of My Own Success
Throughout my many years of school, I have seen the many differences of teaching styles and how essential it has been. With subjects like Math, English and Science the major principles have followed me till this day. After the first quarter, I was so excited after getting an A in English and moving on a road to another. The second quarter came and many different thoughts came to mind, I thought I could just come to class and get decent grades for my year of English. I was wrong; On March 31, 2009 I received a 69.57% which technically is a low C. I relooked my past and the present feeling a bit down, finding the faults and what I’ve done right.
One of my many faults began at the beginning of the year. To be in class and be there a few minutes early with all the supplies I need to be successful. Not just that but to be present mentally for the entire period. Letting my thoughts be on the subject as I pay attention to the instructor and my classmates. The second steps to being successful involve taking notes. Note-taking should help me focus on the subject and help keep me mind from wandering. It also makes it easier to remember the covered material I studied.
Speaking of studying, I don't wait to study until the night before the test. Review my notes every night. Starting with the oldest ones and continue until I have reviewed the most current notes. I will be more successful on my test if I follow this step. Making connections between the notes to create better. When I complete my work, I should check it over critically. The greatest amount of errors in my work is caused by careless mistakes, not a lack of knowledge. If I truly wanted to be successful, I will care enough to review my work.
Successful people do not wonder how little they can do and still succeed. They push the bar and often do more than that which is required of them. Becoming a hard worker and my grades will benefit. Care enough about my own success...