Hypothetical Working Agreement

Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper


January 8, 2011
Stephanie Chupein

Clients Name: Freydia

Address:   3467 Apt B Magnolia Dr

Telephone Number: 1-808-654-3467

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Religion: Catholic
Cultural identity:   Hispanic
Sexual Orientation: She would like to keep that off the record
Relationship Status: Single
Employment or means of Support: currently laid off and she is on food stamps and getting help by government assistants
Education or training: graduated high school that’s the farthest she has been no special training
Significant other
      Name: N/A
    Address: N/A
Phone number: N/A
Presenting problems: crack cocaine abuse and her children are in custody with her mother
Biopsychosocial stressors:
Clients strengths: She wants to turn her life around to get her children back. She is in the process of taking a drug program, strong in certain areas,
Family Background: Parents got divorce due to Adultery when Freydia was 7, Mother Claudia is 47 and Freydia Father Fred 53 got remarried and lives in a different state. Mother 47 Claudia Ortega, Fred Martinez 53, Freydia Ortega Martinez 27, and Juliana Ortega Martinez 7, Jeremiah Ortega Martinez 9
Significant developmental history: her Father cheated on her mother, Freydia was brought up in a house hold where her father would drink, and mother worked 2 jobs and took care of her sick mother.
Assessment of person in situation: Freydia and her siblings was brought up in the Hispanic traditions, they had a big family.
Including culture, networks, community, support and spirituality: N/A
Health and Physical status including medications: Freydia suffers from depression and flash backs from her childhood. She is not put on any medications due to the fact she cannot afford it. Since she had a problem with drug her health has dramatically suffered she could be needing treatment for disease she may have.
Cognitive/ intellectual capacities and skills: She is capable...