Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Case Study

Miguel V. Da Silva
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February, 2011

Study Case word count 2040

Mr X is a 45 years old man, he works for an estate agency, and is working in this company for 18 years, and now the manager’s job in his branch has become available, but he has some reservations about applying as he does not want to upset the apple cart if he is not successful. He says that he was always recognized as a good worker, and he knows deep down that he can do the job as he has stood in for the present manager many times when he has been on leave, but something seems to be holding him back and he cannot quite put his finger on it. And he is afraid of what everyone might think if he applies to the job.
He has a girlfriend, and they are in this relationship for 6 years. He says that they have a good relationship, and he would like to marry her, but he feels that he does not have much to offer her at present, and he is afraid that she might say no. He says that she is very supportive.
His father died 10 years ago, and his mother is 80 years, and she lives alone at the home he was brought up. He has a brother that is successful in his career as a Manager in a Hotel. His brother is 40 years old, and lives in other city with his wife and two children. He says that he does not have much contact with his brother as he would like to have.
He says that he feels in the responsibility of looking after his mother, and visiting her regularly. And because of this he never goes out with his friends of his work at Friday night, because he always visits his mum on that day, and if he wouldn’t go to visit her on that day she wouldn’t understand and would pick on him even more than usual. But he would like to go out with his friends on other day, but feels afraid of asking them, as they might say no, because he thinks that they see him as a boring person.
He says that his mother never...