Hyothlus and Hunger


The hypothalamus is a complex area of the brain and links the endocrine system through the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is responsible for a lot of biological functions and is the main regulator of homoeostasis. Homoeostasis is responsible for the production and maintenance of a stable internal environment. The hypothalamus controls blood pressure body temperature the circadian rhythm, heart rate hunger, immune response, sexual desire thirst and water balance. The hypothalamus produces and secretes neurohormone for reactions through stimulation or inhibits certain neurotransmitters. The hypothalamus has three main areas dealing   with hunger these are lateral ventricular and para ventricular areas. The two main chemicals are ghrelin and leptin.the Lateral hypothalamus region of the brain   associated with hunger recognition. The ventricular region recognizes the feeling of fullness after a meal. The para ventricular looks at   the regulation of hunger, The hormone" ghrelin" produced by the stomach as well as the hypothalamus" the hormone levels" increase before a meal and decrease afterwards. Ghrelin was the first hunger hormone to be discovered. The hypothalamus has receptors for ghrelin that signals hunger, ghrelin associated with addiction to certain drugs that are addictive like drugs or alcohol and ghrelin also associated by using food cravings as a reward. Leptin is a hormone produced by adipose which is fat tissue and binds certain receptors of the hypothalamus. Leptin does the opposite of ghrelin and signals when the body is full after eating. Leptin also plays a role in energy intake and expenditure.

There are 20 parts of the brain With different functions all have different problems when things go wrong. The parietal lobe located above the occipital lobe the function of this is movement. It is responsible for spatial sense, navigation, language processing motor movement of hands arms...