Huxley vs Owell

Argumentative Essay
In that point of time, it may have seemed to Postman that Huxley’s vision was relevant and Orwell’s wasn’t.   But during this period of time it is quite the contrary.   If someone takes a look at the world there are dictators and people living in countries with dictators aren’t happy with that.   People want freedom not control.     1984 wasn’t the year that totalitarian governments showed up but maybe in a later future it will.   Postman’s assertion   that we would be ruined by our pleasures isn’t relevant in this society compared to being ruined by dictators.   What Orwell feared is happening right now, although at a smaller scale, and that people are uprising against their leaders as seen in the world right now, and leaders of countries are fighting back to stay in power.   There may be a time when a totalitarian state ruling the world will happen.
Countries with one party governments have no opposition and therefore can control the people and the country their own way.   Cuba, China, Vietnam, and Syria among others, are in this category.   One party governments are able to rule freely and no one can go against them.   Countries like these are what appeared in the novel 1984.         They are succumb to their own rules and therefore not held accountable for what they do by others.   Countries like these are what destroy people since they aren’t acting or thinking in a certain way.
Revolutions are happening throughout the world.   In Libya, the dictator, Muammar Gaddafi have been ousted and dealt with and open the way for a new government.   Another example of a revolution would include Egypt who forced the dictator, Hosni Mubarak, to resign his position and leave the country.   What Huxley feared is not being seen as people hate those who rule them and give them no freedom.   Countries in northern Africa and the middle east have having revolutions and beginning to remove their leaders.   People want more freedoms not constrictions.   Opposing the...