Hurricane Hits England and Search for My Tongue

The question was:   Compare the methods used to present ideas in   "Hurricane.."   with methods used to present ideas in one other poem of your choice from the POEMS from Different Cultures.

All poets use different methods to illustrate their main ideas of the poems. In "Hurricane Hits England", Nichols indicates that she feels uneasy about living in England and the Hurricane reminds her of her origins and makes her realise that she can be herself anywhere in the world. Similarly, "Search For My Tongue" also explores the ideas of conflict of cultural identity. Bhatt is confused about using her foreign tongue as it's unfamiliar to her. She's worried she'll forget her first language, but at the end, no matter what, mother tongue comes back in her dreams reminding her who she is.

The poets structure their poems using different techniques to express their ideas about conflict between cultures. In "Hurricane.. " the variable lengths   of stanzas and use if enjambment represent the irrational progress of hurricane. The poet is connected to the Hurricane because it's a part of her culture and the course of storm also symbolises her confused emotions about identity. Moreover, Nichols uses shifts voices from third person to first person to emphasize her uncertainty of who she is.
In contrast, "Search.." is structured in three clear stanzas and the layout is divided into sections English/Gujarati/English (day/night/day), which portrays how both languages are different from each other and highlights Bhatt's   confusion between using both tongues as she speaks in one and then the other. Also, the fact that her mother language is placed in the heart of the poem suggests it's the most significant part of her identity.

Use of repetition is present in both poems to suit poets ideas. In "Search...", Bhatt says   "grows longer, grows moist, grows strong veins." It portrays the stages of development, creating a visual image if growing plant. This image presents mother tongue as...