Hurricane Essay

Norman Jewison's 'The Hurricane' is a drama and action film which explores the discrimination African-Americans faced in the United States. The movie is about a boxer called Rubin Hurricane Carter who gets placed in prison for racist reasons. Jewison uses this character to show the fight between good and evil in the United States. He uses the techniques of music, lightning   and script in order to portray Rubin Carter as a hero in the racist culture.

Music is one of the techniques that the director Jewish has used to show the Hurricane as a hero. Music is one of the main techniques in the movie that attracted the audience to the character of the Hurricane and especially represents him as a hero. An example that showed us The Hurricane as a hero is when Hurricane gets placed in jail in the third time and the song by Bob Dylan, in which he sings about the Hurricane, is played as background to the action. Dylan used phrases and words which represented Rubin as a hero. some of them were: “The man the authorities came to blame for something that he never done”, “ An innocent man in a living hell”,”But it won't be over till they clear his name”, “And give him back the time he's done”, “Put in a prison cell but one time he could've been the champion of the world”. These words show how Rubin was represented as a hero inside his cell and how the world outside thinks that he is innocent and did not commit any crimes. Music had a strong influence on the movie especially showing Hurricane as a hero, and the director has made a point of highlighting it.

Another technique which the director used was lighting. Lighting is so important for showing the difference between hero and villain. A key scene which shows Hurricane as a hero is when he is in gaol for the second time and he is training   in   his cell. One of shots show Hurricane is his cell doing dips and all the surroundings is in dark color and his cell is lighting up in a bright color, which shows...