Hunger Games Essay

Characterization Essay
In, The Hunger Games trilogy, a group referred to as “The Capitol”, takes over and hosts the barbaric contest known as “The Hunger Games.” Just as Prince Prospero in, “The Masque of the Red Death,” The Capitol members are apathetic, selfish, and preoccupied with fashion, parties, and entertainment. Essentially the two are more similar than they are different.
In, The Hunger Games, The Capitol is completely apathetic to the fact that Panem (The North American Continent), is poverty stricken. In “The Masque of the Red Death,” Prince Prospero is ignorant that outside of his castle, is a disease stricken place. In The Capitol, the citizens have an abundance of food, and they know that the rest of Panem is starving, yet they continue to party and waste food. In “The Red Death,” Poe writes, “The external world could take care of itself”(Poe). This shows that Prince Prospero has no interest for what is going on outside of his castle. He does not have the least of worries about anything else but partying, as Poe states this in the above quote. The fact that neither Prince Prospero, nor The Capitol care at all about what is going on outside of their respective confinements is just plain disgusting.
The second way the two are similar is that they both are extremely greedy. Each of them display greed, but none more than The Capitol. The Capitol uses the Districts for their resources. They do not care about food, money, or even if they exist just as long as they get their resources. The way Prince Prospero shows greed is almost equally as unacceptable. “The Prince had provided all the appliances of pleasure… there were poets… there were ballet dancers… there were musicians… there was beauty… and there was wine” (Poe). All of these amenities were not necessary during this time of tragedy. The combination of these two qualities does not make the two parties very likable ones.
The last, but not least way that these two are similar is that they are...