Humility Is Attractive Quality

Humility is a very attractive quality. It means staying confident and poised while putting away arrogance and boastfulness as we achieve our goals. When the humble person accomplishes bigger career opportunities and more wealth, they can still maintain a modest attitude and not see themselves as superior to others.

The humble person is not:

•Acting Superior

A humble character is a vital component for achieving success in all areas of life. It is an unspoken inner strength that doesn’t require the need for praise. It should not be mistaken for shyness or introversion. The humble person appears cool and confident as they work to achieve, never boastful but good-naturedly moving forward.
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The meaning of the word; BESTOW; as per dictionary is essentially; "to give"; especially; honor, right, or gift.

So It means that success is always given to us; either as our honor, right, or gift; and it is given to us only when we have the qualities which makes the self; humble;

We can get success; after our work is done; only if we ensure that; prior to doing our work; we use the qualities which makes the self ; humble; for helping us to do our work.

To help us do our work; and thereafter achieve success; we should ensure that we not only have the qualities which makes the self ; humble; but also use such qualities only; for helping us do our work..

These qualities; in essence are those; which have the abilities to allow us to ;
1) either be modest or of low opinion; especially in our own eyes and knowledge; and essentially about our own capacity, capability, and abilities; to do the work which we are required to do.
2) think of our selves; either as of low rank or of less importance.

Success can be achieved by us only if someone feels that we are deserving and thereby only; gives it to us either as honor, right, or gift.

People could give success to us in the...