Renaissance Comparison Essay
March 17, 2013

Within the Renaissance period, there were many changes and differences between the time periods.   The Middle Ages to the Renaissance period was a gradual transition.   It is very unique that the word Renaissance means rebirth.   The Italians believed it meant to present a new beginning to a new era within their lives.   The Italians from the years of 1450 and 1550 convinced themselves they were to witness the rebirth of antiquity.   This would mark the beginning of the new age.   Between the social and cultural similarities between the varieties of the European Renaissance would be the addition of religion and the omittance of the medieval ways.   They worked harder at improving the languages which assisted in improving the way they translated the Bible.   The Middle ages change to the Renaissance was a change completely different from the Middle Ages.
Some of the social changes would resemble the social structure in which they will remain divided into three separate estates.   First is clergy, who kept their beliefs grounded.   Next, the persons of noble ranks which continued to provide security and a justice system.   Lastly, the peasants or the common folk.   Some cultural differences were how the Northern Europeans judged people in a variety of ways, and the Italians did not.   In addition to how they treated people, the arts and cultures also had differences.   The Renaissance man continually questioned why things happened and tried to use any reasoning to answer these questions.   Most answers relied on superstition and not on the religion.  
Poetry began in Italy but moved to Northern Europe where it became much more popular.   The arts were very similar however they did have their differences.   Some showed the more medieval side when that wasn’t the popularity of the time period.   There were several differences within the arts of Northern European and Italy.   Italian arts had scientific views like proportion, anatomy and...