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3) The cell that normally has one nucleus is?
A- Chondrocytes because red blood cells do not contain nucleus and osteoclast and skeletal are multicellular cells which have more than one matrix.

8) A main function of proteins?
C- Energy storage; The amino acid is taken away and transferred to an acceptor, then as an amino acid it is now a keto-acid that can be used to make glucose. They also take part in building muscle which in turn helps us burn fat.

10) Electron sharing is characteristic of what type of chemical bone?
C- Covalent Bond- They are formed when atoms share electrons , since electrons move fast they move effectively filling or emptying the outer shells of the atoms involved in the bond.

11) Transfer RNA?
A- Is attached to an amino acid- They carry the amino acids to the growing polypeptide. Each kind of TRNA carries at least one of the 20 amino acids.

13)The high concentration of potassium ions (k) inside cells is maintained by?
C- Active transport via the Na/Kpump- Active transport requires APT which works against concentration gradient, moves certain ions such as –NA+, K+ and CA++. Na Kpumps brings Na out and K into the cell.

17) With regards to diffusion?
A) Act as channels for large molecules to cross the membrane
The rate of diffusion of a solute in water can be increased by heating the solution.

19) Organic Chemistry is the Chemistry of?
A- Carbon Compounds- Carbon is one of the main elements as well as hydrogen, while nitrogen, oxygen, halogen, and sulfur are sparser.

21) Which organelle provides energy via cellular respiration?
B- Mitochondria- In the cytoplasm the mitochondria combine with oxygen to produce ATP and aerobic cellular respiration. It is able to grow and reproduce when needed.

22) If placed in a hypotonic solution, a Red Blood cell will?
B- Expand - A hypotonic solution is one which has a lower concentration of solutes than the inside of the cell. So if a cell is placed in a hypotonic solution,...