there are many different sources to human behavior, many show there emotions like a mask they were upon there face, and others hide what they feel because of many reasons not wanting to make another person feel they are needy or trying to hide the fact that thier spouse or family member or friend hurt there feelings, and some people do not hold back and lash out what they are feeling.
  Human behavior is nothing new, the eyes can tell someone how they feel whether they want to it to be known or not known.   The smiles they were can hide the truth all to well.   Human behavior is something that everyone has and when you get that gut feeling inside you know something is wrong, or not wrong, and therefore it becames an instict.   I believe that all mothers have this instinct that they do have eyes in the back of their heads as well.  
  Being a parent is just a part of human behavior the way a person walks, talks, stands, when arms are folded is very disrespectful when talking to a group of people, posture and gesteures, all tell as well what is going on with a person.   The actions and attitudes, a person can be walking slow taking there time thinking fast paced wallking means they are in a hurry, running could mean they are in a very big hurry or just want exercise.   To when the eyes are raised means someone has a question or is very confused, and when they roll their eyes means they are very annoyed with the person speaking, most kids do this to their parents, which is also very disrespectful as well.
  Human behavior is not something new police use it to find criminals, detectives use to to get answers, and everyday we use it to get what we want and need meaning people can be manipulitive, and some people do wear their heart on there sleeve meaning they get hurt to easily, and some people are givers and others are takers, everyone is different and there are many aspects to human behavior.   We are not amimals nor to humans claim to be but everyone is unique and...